Here are some quotes from former clients of house shaman:

"Dear Rhea,
As I sit in my new office surrounded by beauty, I am amazed by and grateful for the transformation that has taken place since you first set foot in the space just a few days ago. You definitely are a shaman--you can see another glorious world of color and object relations which is hidden to the majority of us, and then quickly and deliberately go about creating it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of working together. You have been very responsive to our severe time constraints, even rescheduling a social event in order to get the job done. Because of your perceptive abilities and intuition, you work very fast, and this enhances the value of your services which are very reasonably priced. Your zest for life and commitment to conscious living helped make the 2 afternoons we spent together delightful.  I highly recommend you and your services without reservation to all who seek to beautify their surroundings and thereby enhance their lives.
                   Stephen P. Weiss, M.D.
                   Holistic and Integrative
                   Classical Homeopath

"Every time I walk into the living room now I just grin from ear to ear. It's like I can breathe!"
                   Dr. Dorothy Beattybr

   "We've lived in this house for over twenty years and I thought we'd tried every furniture configuration possible. But no. Within minutes of entering our home Rhea envisioned new placements for furniture and wall decorations and new color schemes. We love it."
                   Larry Gloverbr

    “My experience with Rhea was totally positive.  She was prompt, always listened to my needs, and the end result exceeded my expectations by far.  In fact, after 10 years, i finally feel good about being in my home.
                    Dr. Leslie LaKind

    “Thanks so much for your great help and good suggestions. I really enjoyed working with you in simplifying my space. up wall space, counter space, and taking up rugs covering my white carpet.  My condo definitely has a more open feel to it, and a more calm atmosphere. It looks great with new color on the walls.
                    Susan Ewell

    “You helped me look at my entire house with a fresh eye!  i loved your ‘just do it’ way of working that had us moving plants, furniture, and pictures around as soon as the ideas were generated. I am finally moving forward on projects i have been thinking about doing for the last decade.  I also appreciated your bold and excellent color suggestions.
                    Carole Tashel
    “Rhea uses simple, innovative solutions using color, placement, and elegant editing.
                    Andy Ellwein

    In these challenging economic times, we are examining what we have and questioning what we really need to buy.  Most importantly, we are finding more creative ways to enjoy what we already have. 

    Down-scaling or re-scaling a home or office?  Combining furniture from two homes?  Clarifying a space so that it reflects more of who you are or the area in which you live?  House Shaman offers expert consultation in editing out what doesn’t work, rearranging what does, and offering a fabulous and knowing use of color and texture. 
      There is a sense of euphoria in the moment of finding a new location or a new function for an object or a piece of furniture that you already own.  The space is alive again. 
Born anew!  And so are you.  And there’s even more to relish:  You don’t need to take time to shop.  Nor do you need to spend money on something new.  What you already own has found a rightful and beautiful place in your home.

    Bringing together disparate items you already have into a beautiful, new and exciting whole is the essence of House Shaman.

    My Dad said “It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.”  This insight is about loving ourselves and who we are.  It’s also about awakening to the infinite choices we have, and inviting ourselves to play...using exactly what we have.  Alter the color!  Lift the height of a piece!  Place it next to something that makes both objects sing!  Suddenly we are immersed in a profound, transformational moment.   For the core of what makes a house a home... . is . . . Relationship.   Nothing exists in a vacuum;  objects are only seen in relation to what is beside, above, and below. Placing a piece of furniture next to something that “talks to it” magically transforms both objects.

    A third precept of House Shaman is the transformational (and inexpensive) power of color.   Well chosen color, that is. For instance, you can literally lift your spirits by painting a furniture grouping into a cohesive and lyrical whole.  
Or painting a small, dark foyer or bath in a great, strong color.   The newly colored ensemble or space becomes a special room in itself, rather than simply a pass-through.

    Transformation happens by using what you have in a new way, editing out what doesn’t work, adding well-chosen color where needed, and buying only what is necessary. 
These acts bring your home into harmony with who you are
and how you live.
Here’s an example.
    I had a low primitive “outdoor” bench.  I treasured it, for it had been made for me by a friend.  One day, it found an unexpected and totally satisfying home directly in front of my smooth-grained, bosc- colored wood armoire in the living room.  With the addition of a bench cushion in a rich and subtle print - similar in hue to the armoire - the integrated combo of armoire and bench continues to surprise and delight me to this day. Together, the two pieces appear to be a far more substantial piece of furniture!  The bench provides seating for two more guests!  And the whole unit gives the room a central focus!  Now the eye - gratified in seeing a really interesting, substantial and uniquely architectural unit – takes in the whimsy of the piece as well:  the vertical door handles are Mexican tortilla rollers.  And at the top, the collection of gourds look like large bosc pears! At once original, perfectly scaled, functional, and playful, the result is ultimate harmony.



    House Shaman was born in New York City in the 1960’s, when my (then) designer-husband and I were called by a friend who had moved the day before.  She was frantically trying to arrange her furniture in her new home for a housewarming party to be held the next day.  In about 6 hours, we had found perfect homes for most of her things, eliminated some that didn’t work, offered wall colors and ideas for a few purchases, and left. Instant Interiors was instantly born and continued to thrive as an interior design consultation business for the next 15 years.  Upon my moving to Santa Fe -- with its propensity for beauty, originality,
and transformational possibility-- House Shaman was born.  


House Shaman rates are $100 per hour (4-hour minimum).