As a “cultural creative,” I have always been interested
in alternative modalities; art, music, theater, dance, films,
healing, cultural anthropology, the environment.
I seem to be ahead of the curve in anticipating new trends.

In 1960, I started the first interior design consultation
service in New York ( called Instant Interiors)
using what people have in a new way.
In 1971, I created the first quilt gallery showing
antique American quilts as art (Quilt Gallery, Inc.)
long before hanging abstract quilts on the walls
became fashionable.
(See the New York Times article by Rita Reif below right.)

I started working with the metaphysical school Arica in 1971,
and became a certified teacher of T'ai Chi Chuan in 1978.
(I go to T'ai chi teacher trainings each year, and wrote
and perfomed the lyrics to this t'ai chi song.)  

A born-and-bred New Yorker who moved
to Santa Fe in 1982,
I found a wealth of really cool, talented, creative people in my
adopted city, most of them doing work that is fun, unusual,
and frequently mind-opening. So when the opportunity arose
to do a live radio show in 2000, I jumped at the chance.

Often, people ask me why I started Living Juicy!
I wanted to share cutting-edge ideas and unique world views
with the rest of the world... and the
perspectives that intrigue and inspire me.
I see myself as a bridge between
mainstream and leading-edge modalities.
When people ask me how I find my guests,
I go where I am attracted,
then invite the people who ignite me.

Part of Living Juicy is aging well, and part of aging well
is embracing aging, without being conned
by the numbers or the stories in our heads about them.  
I believe that age is a mind-trip, a numbers game.
In fact, we can create a new model for aging!
I do this by listening to the wisdom of my body,
noticing what I eat,enjoying myself while I walk, run, play,
stretch, make love, do yoga, dance, swim, learn new skills.
I pay attention and embrace what I love to do,
and then DO IT!
I go for whatever rings my bell
that is oriented toward life.

I am truly blessed to be the mother of a remarkable son
and daughter! Nina Simons is the visionary co-founder
and president of Bioneers, an organization that’s
inspiring a shift to live on earth in ways that honor each other,
the web of life and future generations.
In addition to producing media that informs,
educates and inspires,
Bioneers produces the premier environmental
and social justice conference
focused on leading-edge solutions in the world
(, and is now celebrating it's 21th year!
Nina has just completed her first book
“Moonrise: The Power of Women
leading from the Heart.”

Tony Simons, my son, is an Associate Professor at Cornell
University where he teaches organizational behavior,
negotiation, and leadership. His first book was just published;
"The Integrity Dividend;
Leading by the Power of your Word"
Tony is also a certified teacher of firewalking as a tool for empowerment and transformation.
There are interviews with both Nina
and Tony Simons in the archives.



 Here I am, seeing myself as still a babe, playful and active as I have ever been, at an age where most people see themselves as seniors. I want to share stories and ideas about what it means to live juicy.. for like-minded people of any age . 

 New York Times full-page article introducing Quilt Gallery
January 11, 1972

 raggety ann and niko,
halloween 2011