living juicy is going for what has truth and substance!
and where you are attracted.  
Living with passion and purpose and taking risks.
Paying attention to what has heart and meaning,
sometimes changing course in mid-stream
as you are called elsewhere.
Acknowledging your relationship to everything and everyone.

living juicy is transforming your home environment!
into a reflection of your unique personal energy.
Using what you have in new and creative ways,
while eliminating what no longer serves you.
Making everywhere you look a moment of beauty.
(See house shaman; transforming your living space)

living juicy is going to farmer’s market!
on Saturday morning, buying the greenest,
freshest salad greens, lion’s mane mushrooms,
tiny yellow squash, baby onions, fresh roasted poblano chiles,
and putting them in your basket,
as you eat your half bacon burrito and shop.

living juicy is using exactly what you have in the fridge!
and improvising a meal using disparate things
you never dreamed could go together, then presenting it
to yourself beautifully arranged on your favorite plate.

living juicy is choosing to take marimba lessons!
because it is the most immediate gratification you can get
learning a new instrument... and you love the sound!

living juicy is having a mongo koosh ball in your bag!
at all times, just in case anyone wants to play catch
in the house or outside.
(As a warmup before each show, my guest and i play catch for ten minutes in the studio.. see koosh ball in the photo in the foreground on home page)

living juicy is taking a learning vacation...
why lay on a beach gathering sun,
when you might be gathering chi at a tai chi summer camp
(or learning to sail? scuba dive? learn Spanish?)




In Galway, Ireland, August 2008

With daughter Nina Simons of the Bioneers January 2008