1. Think and act outside the box!
Get beyond your habitual behavior by checking inside for alternative
and unexpected actions/scenarios which have more juice for you in that moment...
ask internally.which action will bring me the most joy? Lead an intentional life.

2.  Speak your Truth!

   Speak your truth, particularly when it takes some courage.                    
Truth heals, and you will have a huge sense of personal empowerment.

3.  Do what you love.
   and let what you love do you.  Sing your song, dance your dance, plant           
your garden, cook your meal. They all express your uniqueness, and             
doing what you love brings instant joy.

4.  Find your personal brilliance.
   We all have special gifts.  it is our job to find what is most unique and life-
giving about ourselves, and then embrace it, live it, be it, share it.

5.  Connect often with those who inspire you.
   Energy escalates when we surround ourselves with like-spirited people.
That practice is mutually inspiring and raises your frequency.

6.  Take risks; break the rules.
   Question everything. An acronym for fear is “false evidence appearing
real.”  Stand in the space that scares you.....it will empower you.

7.  Recognize your oneness with all living things.
   Yes.  That means nature; trees, rocks, flowers, animals, our ancestors, all    
of humanity. We are one body. Celebrate our oneness.  As often as             
possible, put your bare feet on the earth.

8.  Be present!  Squeeze the most out of the moment....
   Learn to forgive.  Forgiveness is the key to being present.                        
Being present will inspire others to be real and present.

9.  Embrace your creativity.
   Put first the things that inspire you the most.. It’s food for your soul.  Grab             
a pen and write, draw , paint  or express what comes through when you             
hear it . That particular inspiration may not come again.

10.  Listen with your whole body.
   When you are really present, your whole body can hear what is said, and         
it may be a different message from what your ears hear.

11.  Be grateful for something every day.
   Since your life is a gift, being grateful for ALL that happens brings more             
good into our lives, for gratitude multiplies and increases.

12.  Give stuff away!
   It is a spiritual adage that only in an empty spot can something new             
grow.  As we lighten our physical load, we become lighter.

13.  Actively love yourself...all of you!

   Forget what our culture tells us is beautiful. We are beautiful in all of our             
entirety, and loving ourselves enables us to love others and to be loved.

14.  Play with Every thing.

   Words, food, your dog, your hair, clothes, your home, your voice.

Please let me know what your steps to living juicy are.